Suspected Apple iPad Mini 4 G Version Really Machine DieZhao Exposure

And apple iPhone5 smartphone release, all kinds of pictures and information flow to iPad mini apple will be released in when there is no suspense. Here today we not only saw the suspected apple iPad mini 4 g version of the DieZhao, there are a large number of configuration parameters leak, together take a look at.

It is reported, apple iPad mini tablet PC will choose 7.85 inches 1024 x 768 LCD screen resolution, before and after equipped with two cameras, adopt narrower frame design. In the wireless connection, iPad mini apple is likely to support 4 g LTE networks.

According to the report, apple iPad mini tablet PC first shipments for 100000, in order to meet the festival people to the product demand. And the rumors iPad mini plate computer conference will be held on October 17, as for the authenticity of the news we have no textual research, apple aspects and did not disclose relevant information.

McDonald’s to enhance customer dining experience started to use iPad: Virginia Beach a McDonald’s fast food restaurant on the table installed iPad support, the user can use at the dinner table iPad for recreation. In addition, the user can also through the iPad order a meal, moreover Europe more than 20 McDonald’s also have the same approach, iPad will change our meals and way of life?

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